US-based healthcare company GrayHawk Health has partnered with healthcare technology provider Innovaccer with the aim of improving in-home healthcare services.

GrayHawk will use Innovaccer’s population health analytics and health data platform to consolidate its member data, aiming to enhance experiences for members and caregivers, manage costs and positively impact health outcomes.

Describing itself as a health empowerment organisation, GrayHawk integrates whole-person health, in-home primary care and individual patient support.

The company collaborates with health systems, payers and medical providers to improve outcomes, close gaps in access to care and reduce hospital visits.

Its approach is intended to keep individuals healthy at home to avoid hospitalisation.

The partnership with Innovaccer aims to expedite the development of GrayHawk’s intelligent healthcare experience platform, which is designed to improve business operations and care efficiency.

GrayHawk CEO Andrew Henderson II said: “Millions of Medicare and Medicaid members across the country suffer due to a burdensome healthcare system.

“Our mission is to empower all people to live well. Partnering with Innovaccer will enable us to more effectively deliver our whole-person-centred care mandate, driving superior health outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.”

Innovaccer’s healthcare data solutions have been deployed at more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the US to date.

Innovaccer cofounder and CEO Abhinav Shashank said: “We were impressed by GrayHawk Health’s compassion and commitment to the communities it serves, and we are honoured to be a part of their mission to make health more accessible for all.

“The collaboration with Innovaccer is expected to play a crucial role in advancing GrayHawk Health’s mission of creating health champions in every home and allowing people to age well where they live.

“Our proven data platform will help manage population health data for prioritising in-home primary care and ensuring all their patients receive necessary treatment, empowering them to live healthier.”