Medical technology firm Halyard Health has launched ON-Q TRAC 3.0, the latest version of its online patient engagement platform that enables doctors to check, measure and track their patients’ post-operative condition.

The new ON-Q TRAC 3.0 platform enables doctors to set pre-configurable threshold notifications. This allows them to  have direct follow-up on specific care metrics that cross acceptable recovery rates with regard to pain, sleep, functional activity and more.

ON-Q TRAC 3.0 provides real-time alerts via text or email to doctors which help them to keep a better track on outcome data, patient feedback so that intervention at the appropriate time can be made to reduce scope of readmissions.

According to studies, increased physician to patient connectivity boosts patient satisfaction.

Equipped with this platform, doctors can compare their patients’ progress against other patients and physician practices around the country through the ON-Q TRAC database.

With this improved analysis, doctors can gain deeper insights into how their patients’ progress stand compared to other facilities and then accordingly modify protocols and treatment plans wherever required.

ON-Q TRAC 3.0 also provides new chart drill-down functionality that helps to easily analyse outcomes at the individual patient level.

Halyard Health general manager for acute pain Roger Massengale said: “It’s clear that the healthcare community needs to find a better way of fostering open communication between patients and their providers regarding post-surgical pain management.

“By combining real-time alerts and powerful analytics, ON-Q TRAC 3.0 is designed to help Halyard’s customers better manage their patients’ pain and make more informed decisions regarding need to prescribe opioids post-surgery.”