Healthwise and TCS Healthcare Technologies, an HCAP Partners portfolio company, have formed a strategic partnership to achieve better health outcomes.

The partnership aims to reduce cost, ensure proper care, and help people better navigate their experiences related to health care.

Under the partnership, TCS Healthcare will use the Healthwise Care Management Solution as part of a TCS SaaS offering, ACUITYnxt, which supports a whole-person approach to managing care.

By embedding patient education natively into ACUITYnxt, the companies will together help care managers improve quality and provide patient education without interrupting their workflow.

TCS Healthcare Technologies chief growth officer Kerry Winkle said: “The integration of Healthwise with ACUITYnxt further strengthens TCS Healthcare’s reputation as a leading provider of Population Health Management software and tools.

“The ability to engage and educate patients is critical to improving health outcomes.”

Healthwise provides action-oriented health education materials that are written in plain language and instruct, engage people about their health conditions.

The software solutions offered by TCS support the needs of health plans, TPAs, ACOs, and other risk-bearing organisations by optimising clinical outcomes.

By segmenting patients by conditions and other attributes, care managers will ensure they are reaching the right patient at the right time with health education.

Healthwise chief client officer Dave Mink said: “Providing Healthwise information and tools through the ACUITYnxt technology will support patients with the prescribed information they need to make successful health changes.

“This partnership creates a tremendous opportunity for Healthwise’s education and our purpose to help more people live healthier lives.”

Healthwise collaborates with hospitals, electronic medical record providers, health plans, care management companies, and health websites to achieve organisational goals.