Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany has joined forces with Raysearch Laboratories to develop the RayCare oncology information system (OIS).

With focus on supporting comprehensive cancer care, the research partnership will involve the hospital and the affiliated sites Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center (HIT) and Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT).

Designed to support comprehensive cancer care, RayCare will integrate the high-performance radiation therapy algorithms available in RayStation with advanced features for clinical resource optimisation, workflow automation as well as adaptive radiation therapy.

This enables users to coordinate tasks properly and ensure optimal use of resources.

RaySearch CEO Johan Löf said: “In the field of oncology specifically, Heidelberg is home to the Heidelberg University, the University Hospital, the Ion Beam Therapy Center and even the German Cancer Research Center.

“The Heidelberg University Hospital and its affiliated sites are ideal partners to continue this development with, and I am proud that they have chosen to work with RaySearch to take comprehensive cancer care to the next level.”

Over subsequent releases, RayCare will evolve into a machine learning OIS with capabilities to coordinate oncology tasks and support comprehensive cancer care organised around the requirements of each patient.

Heidelburg University Hospital professor Jürgen Debus said: “RayCare will improve workflow and quality into radiation oncology significantly.”