US-based Holland Construction Services has concluded the renovation project for Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, Illinois.

As part of the project, Holland renovated 8,000ft2 space on the hospital’s fifth floor that was earlier a rehabilitation gym, shared patient areas and office space.

It transformed the space into new patient care areas, a nursing station and a medication room.

Additionally, the company carried out renovation works on the second floor of the hospital, where a 1,000ft2 patient holding area was transformed to create new space for performing endoscopy procedures.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital president and CEO Patti Fischer said: “Close coordination between Holland and our facilities and infection prevention team allowed the work to be completed with little disruption to other patient care areas.

“Now that the project is complete, we are able to expand surgical offerings for endoscopy patients and further manage patient placement efforts during a very challenging year.”

The renovation works began last November and incurred a total investment of $1.8m.

Holland Construction Services project manager Steve Bauer said that the renovation project in a hospital setting in the midst of a pandemic was very challenging.

Bauer said: “There were several occasions when our work schedule would need to quickly change based on the patient load at the hospital, so we were able to pivot with them, and make sure we were still moving the project forward.

“We knew they had important work to do, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them while we completed the renovation. We’re proud that we were able to provide them with a more functional space for their current needs.”

Earlier, the company served as the construction manager in a joint venture with Alberici, for the new $300m HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

It was also involved in the development of the adjoining ambulatory care centre and physician’s building that was completed in 2017.