World Bank Group member IFC is set to fund the completion and expansion of Abdali Hospital which will help improve the quality and availability of health care for people in Jordan.

The financing package of up to $30m to be provided for the 200-bed modern multi-specialty hospital will also help availability of health care for patients from conflict-affected parts of the region.

Abdali Hospital, which opened last year, is one of the founding signatories of the Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPiHC) and its expansion is also expected to create 1,200 jobs, while improve nursing quality throughout Jordan.

Abdali Hospital executive vice-chairman Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh said: “There is an increased demand for specialty care in Jordan and the region, something Abdali Hospital will be able to provide. Abdali Hospital will help invigorate medical excellence.”

For training, the hospital will partner with nursing colleges in Jordan. It plans to help provide training to other hospitals in the country.

IFC Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services senior director Tomasz Telma said: “This investment will help meet the rising demand for health care in Jordan, while improving overall quality.

“Abdali Hospital’s commitment to best practices, along with the increased availability of hospital beds, introduces innovations to health care in the region, while ensuring that more people can access the care they need.”

Abdali Hospital provides multidisciplinary, subspecialised model of care across all departments. It will help expand Jordan’s health care sector in line with international best practices, while offering more options for patients in the country.