iGan Partners has entered a collaboration with two Mexico-based healthcare entities, St Andrews Medical Center and Previta.

The partnership aims to close the gap in quality healthcare and bring access to healthcare technologies in Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Together they will implement value-based healthcare and clinical evidence-based medical technology to further save lives and reduce costs.

iGan Partners chief medical officer Dr Lorena Torá said: “Through our expertise and resources, we aim to transform the healthcare landscape in Mexico and act as a gateway to ensuring that patients have access to the best medical technologies available.

“This collaboration represents our commitment to improving lives and making a positive impact on the healthcare industry.”

Under the collaboration, St Andrews Medical Center will test advanced medical devices and software at its facility for expediting studies and innovative healthcare deployments.

Previta will provide quality healthcare services to the homes of patients and hospitals through remote monitoring.

Previta CEO Dr Morgan Guerra said: “At Previta, we are enthusiastic about this collaboration and the potential it holds for patients and healthcare providers.

“By leveraging our expertise in preventive and treatment services, combined with innovative technologies, we can enhance patient outcomes and make a significant positive impact on the delivery of healthcare services throughout Mexico and beyond.”