IJM Corporation Berhad’s wholly owned subsidiary IJM Construction has secured a design-and-build turnkey construction contract worth ($176.12m) RM831m for a government hospital with 312 beds in Kapar, Malaysia.

Early this week, the Ministry of Works has given a Letter of Award to the company.

The hospital project is said to be a 60:40 joint venture between IJM Construction and Ganda Imbuhan.

Under the contract, IJM Construction will be responsible for earthworks and ground treatment works, foundation and piling works, as well as interior designing of the hospital’s main areas.

The company’s scope of works also includes mechanical and electrical services along with related medical equipment, information and technology works.

Environmental and protection enhancement works, external and infrastructure works, maintenance works, as well as the construction of 120 units of staff quarters are also part of the contract.

Construction work on the new hospital along with specialist medical facilities is planned to begin in November this year, with completion expected by November 2026.

IJM Group CEO and managing director Liew Hau Seng said: “IJM has been delivering important infrastructure in communities across the country for close to four decades, including a sizeable portfolio of healthcare related facilities.

“This award clearly demonstrates IJM’s strength within the healthcare sector, reflecting our outstanding track record in this area.

“We are committed to leveraging our experience in building and infrastructure projects and contributing to the future of healthcare in Kapar and the surrounding Klang community.”

The company stated that the construction of the new hospital as well as its specialist medical services aims to minimise the congestion of other government hospitals located in Klang and Shah Alam areas.

The new hospital in Kapar will also work as a dedicated centre along with the infectious disease facility for the surrounding community in Klang.