A proposal to raise the bed capacity to 768 of an under-construction hospital in Burari, Delhi, India, has received approval.

The proposal for the hospital, which will feature as a modern, green building equipped with the latest facilities, has received approval from the Delhi Cabinet.

A statement released by the government read: “The Cabinet approved the department of health’s proposal for the revised estimate of Rs2.65bn for increasing the capacity to 768 beds from the earlier proposal of 200 beds at the under-construction new hospital at Burari.”

About 85% of the hospital structure has been completed so far and is being constructed by Public Works Department.

The government further added:  “The project has been reviewed and it was decided that some structural adjustment is required to accommodate more number of beds in this new hospital, which will provide health care to the residents of Delhi.”

Constructed as a seven-storeyed structure, the hospital will feature 568 more beds.

The construction cost has been revised to ₹2.65bn ($387m) from Rs2bn  ($292m) estimated earlier.

Among the key features of the hospital will include a barrier-free environment suitable for physically-challenged persons, reduction in dependence on electric lighting and air-conditioning.

Around 1,700 positions will be created at the hospital.

The Cabinet also gave approval to the proposal of increasing the financial incentives for Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) workers.

The core incentive has been now doubled from Rs15bn to Rs30bn. Besides, added incentives in some identified categories have also been increased by twice.