IntelliCentrics has created the industry’s first Covid-19 credential which will be available to all users across its technology platform.

The company has developed the SEC3URE Ethos, SEC3URE Passport, Link & GO! and BioBytes which are serving the healthcare facilities across North America, the UK and China.

IntelliCentrics’ new solution offers the healthcare facilities with the relevant data required to ensure optimal measures to be undertaken for every individual entering their facility.

The company stated that several healthcare facilities are facing issues while offering a safe environment to both Covid and non-Covid individuals.

These facilities are required to have information regarding the visitors who have and have not received the Covid-19 vaccine, with a primary focus on the frontline healthcare workers.

IntelliCentrics CEO Michael Sheehan said: “We relish the fact that our technology supports frontline workers who are most at risk in the battle against Covid-19.

“And we understand the best solution needs to be a total solution, so we used our experience and made this work for virtually every possible scenario in the entire care delivery system.

“The result is that patients can once again receive treatments and have loved ones by their side without feeling vulnerable to the virus.”

Using the new technology, healthcare facilities will also be able to develop alternatives such as attestation, screening questions, and PPE requirements as a part of their Covid-19 credential.

The company said that the new solution covers all categories of visitors entering the facility and their unique circumstances.

The technology platform is currently used in more than 11,000 facilities across the globe, giving them the control and communication tools to inform all visitors, from the waiting room to the board room while creating a safe and secure environment.