Healthcare technology provider IntelliCentrics has launched BioBytes Visitor, a platform that enables patients to have control over who can visit them when receiving care while providing locations of care (LOCs) with the ability to apply their safety and Covid-19 policies to visitors.

This is claimed to be the first-ever technology platform to support the requirements of every individual entering an LOC.

IntelliCentrics CEO Michael Sheehan said: “The ability to trust patient visitors is uniquely important for three strategic reasons. Firstly, every year there are literally hundreds of millions of untrusted and unwelcome patient visitors entering our LOCs, compromising everyone’s safety and security.

“Secondly, Covid-19 taught us the most well-intended visits from family and friends can only happen with trust, at the right time and the right way. Thirdly, BioBytes Visitor is the ideal gateway for visitors to learn about our BioBytes telehealth solution which more deeply connects patients with family, friends and physicians.”

IntelliCentrics  is an innovator of technology platforms such as SEC³URE Ethos, SEC³URE Passport, Link & GO!, BioBytes that serve healthcare facilities across North America, the UK, and China.

IntelliCentrics’ Ethos is claimed to be the first of its kind technology platform catering to the supply and demand aspects of healthcare on an integrated, end-to-end technology platform.

BioBytes offers the portfolio of technologies catering to the demand aspect of healthcare and integrates patients with their families and friends through the supply aspect of healthcare in a safe way.

Sheehan said: “Each of our global markets continues to evolve, but they all demonstrate a large appetite for transformational healthcare technologies. By adding patient-centric visitor management to BioBytes, we believe that we can close the loop, offering a more deeply connected, trusted relationships in the healthcare journey.”