US-based Intermountain Healthcare has started construction works on a new ambulatory surgery center at its campus located in Murray.

With the new Intermountain Surgery Center at TOSH that will feature overnight recovery suites, patients will be able to recover comfortably outside of a normal hospital environment.

Upon completion, the new facility will have eight specialised operating rooms that offer same-day orthopedic surgeries for hips, knees, and spine procedures.

Intermountain Healthcare orthopedic surgeon Ben Widmer said: “I’m excited to work in a facility that will be streamlined with the latest technology and designed for specific surgeries.

“This will also help lower the cost for some of our most common orthopedic surgeries.”

The surgery centre will also include diagnostic and preventive procedures outside of the traditional hospital setting.

It has unique recovery suites that will allow patients to comfortably spend the night with some clinical care available to aid in their transition to home.

Intermountain Healthcare senior vice-president and COO Rob Allen said: “We know the cost of care is high and this new facility will be a major step in making it more affordable.

“This design and set up could help reduce the cost of surgery by 20-50% for common orthopedic procedures.”

Allen further added that Intermountain’s goal of value-based care aims to bring same health outcomes at a lower cost.

The new Intermountain TOSH Surgery Center is slated for completion next year.

In February this year, Intermountain deployed Amwell’s new smart TV Carepoint Device across 1,200 of its hospital TVs in nearly 50 locations, transforming them into telehealth endpoints.