India’s Manipal Hospitals and ConnectedLife built with Google have entered into a strategic partnership to monitor patient condition after surgeries remotely.

As part of the collaboration, the hospital will use Fitbit‘s wearable technology with ConnectedLife’s virtual platform for monitoring the patient’s progress and for ‘Continuity of Care Post-High-Risk Surgeries’.

The wearable technology will allow the Manipal Hospitals’ clinical teams to monitor the critical parameters of patients who have undergone surgeries, such as angioplasty, total knee replacement surgery, and cardiac bypass surgery.

It will allow the medical groups to modify any intervention exactly to the needs of the patient and monitor their recovery after surgery.

Manipal Hospitals chairman Dr Sudarshan Ballal said: “Through this partnership, we are expecting post-surgery care to become seamless, as wearable technology will help us monitor certain critical parameters of patients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery, angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery, and other high-risk surgeries.”

The advanced digital solution will be used to remotely capture oxygen saturation level, heart rate as well as activity metrics like steps, sleep quality, and pain score before and after surgery.

It delivers reminders for taking medications or participating in physiotherapy and triggers warnings when there are significant irregularities in normal parameters.

Manipal Hospitals managing director and CEO Dilip Jose said: “In the long run, it will help facilitate Manipal Hospitals to determine if the post-operative data collected from the ConnectedLife with Fitbit dashboard match with functional outcomes and improved patient satisfaction post-surgery.

“This data will allow us to understand and develop new methods in cost-effectiveness, compliance, comfort, and ease of use, all while giving us accurate data on the vitals.”