US-based MedicaMetrix has collaborated with Emerson Hospital’s Yeatts Urology Center in Concord, Massachusetts, to establish international centres of excellence for urology to improve patient care.

Under this partnership, the two firms have agreed to create new centres in the US, India, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and South America and the Middle East regions using Emerson Hospital’s urologic care-delivery model as a template for emulation.

The advanced urological care model will be spearheaded by Emerson Hospital’s Dr John Libertino and his team.

Under the guidance of Dr Libertino, the Yeatts Urology Center has developed a model for exceptional urological care delivery.

The partnership between the two organisations also underlines the importance of bringing targeted therapy for prostate and other cancers to overseas markets such as the Middle East and Europe.

Dr John Libertino said: “Incredible advancements are being made in urology and prostate cancer treatment and disease management. Expanding our reach in this partnership is an important step in expanding global collaboration for bringing the best care to patients around the world.”

As part of this partnership, MedicaMetrix will be engaged in the development of infrastructure and foster clinical collaborations for expansion.

The centre will have the capacity to offer a wide range of treatments ranging from general urological care to specialised treatment including targeted therapy, complex surgery and cancer care.

MedicaMetrix and Yeatts Urology Center aim to improve patient care through research, collaboration, and education.

MedicaMetrix chairman Satish Vankayalapati said: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Dr Libertino and his team at Emerson. By partnering with such a high-level, world-class organization we believe we can improve patient care around the world.”