Brondby, Denmark-based open platform video management software provider Milestone Systems has launched a video solution, Milestone’s XProtect Hospital Assist, to help healthcare providers.

Milestone’s XProtect Hospital Assist enables medical staff to remotely monitor multiple patients at the same time, quickly respond to incidents, and relieves them of some routine tasks.

XProtect Hospital Assist helps to improve overall patient care and aid hospitals in the wake of staff shortages.

The solution is built on the foundations of Milestone’s open-platform video management software, XProtect.

XProtect Hospital Assist is tailored for medical facilities that treat patients who need continuous or occasional monitoring such as those in intensive care or rehabilitation units.

The technology allows medical staff to communicate with multiple patients simultaneously, thereby reducing the requirement for unnecessary room visits and helping in adequately optimising the use of staff resources.

It features a live video blurring function to ensure patient privacy.

Furthermore, XProtect Hospital Assist features automatic fall detection, which alerts medical staff when a patient falls and helps save valuable seconds on response time.

In the US, up to one million patient falls occur every year in hospitals, which lead to approximately 250,000 injuries and up to 11,000 deaths.

It is estimated that there will be a shortage of 15 million healthcare professionals across the world by the end of this decade.