Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) has selected population health management platform company the Garage’s Bridge platform for changing healthcare in underserved Bronx, New York in the US.

MHHC, which serves more than 50,000 patients, will utilise the platform to empower better care in the community.

Bridge is a SaaS platform that connects care teams, providers and enables exchange of real-time patient information.

It also facilitates secure messaging, referral management, patient tracking and communication.

Additionally, Bridge aids in clinical integration, clinical data management, clinical intelligence, and clinical analytics.

MHHC president and CEO Mari Millet said: “We are excited to partner with the Garage. We needed a solution that would help us better serve our patients and prepare us for the opportunities ahead in value-based care. Their proven credentials along with the depth of their platform made this decision a no-brainer.”

Using Bridge, MHHC will initially focus on patient care management. It will be another implementation of the Garage’s digital-first, data-first approach.

This approach focuses on lower costs of care, improved communities’ health, better patient care, sustainable service model for care teams, and equitable access to care for everyone.

The Garage founder and CEO Pranam Ben said: “Our mission to change healthcare for good…one community at a time is realised by partnerships like this.

“MHHC’s commitment to their patients presents a great opportunity for us to architect a data driven, platform-based, collaborative care model for the Bronx community.”

The Garage touches more than 15 million patient lives through its Bridge platform.