Atlantic Health System’s Morristown Medical Center in the US is set to upgrade and expand its Sameth Emergency Department (ED) with an investment of $26.9m.

The expansion project is expected to begin next year, once its design, funding and approvals are finalised.

Morristown Medical Center aims to complete the project by 2024.

The project will be executed in two phases. The first phase will involve equipping the ED with advanced technologies including computed tomography (CT) scanners, new patient cardiac monitors and expansion of trauma elevators.

Its second phase will see the physical expansion of the hospital premises to accommodate additional beds and optimise the interior space of the department.

As part of this project, the 17-room Gagnon Children’s Emergency Department, which is currently located next to the general ED, will also be relocated.

Additionally, the department will be shifted to the first floor at Goryeb Children’s Hospital (GCH), with a separate paediatric entrance.

The project aims to improve ED’s existing space to meet the increasing community requirements and offer clinically superior patient environment for better outcomes and improve operational flow.

Morristown Medical Center president Trish O’Keefe said: “We are thrilled to bring a much-needed, newly expanded and modern Emergency Department to our community.

“During the last few years and throughout the pandemic, we have experienced an increased demand for emergency medical and trauma services.

“We have exceptional medical specialists and sub-specialists available to treat any illness that comes through our doors for adults and children.”

A $10m in community philanthropy will be required to complete the Sameth ED renovation and expansion project.

The Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust has committed to offer $2.5m for the project. The amount will be used to buy a new CT scanner.