Moscow, the capital of Russia, has opened a new hospital in Demikhov city to cater to the increasing patients infected with Covid-19.

The construction for the facility began on 12 March and has been completed in around 30 days. The 800-bed hospital has accepted 20 patients so far.

This hospital is said to support Kommunarka, a key coronavirus hospital in Moscow which started treating patients last month.

The new facility has an oxygen supply system and can perform more than 10,000 coronavirus tests each day.

Moscow Times quoted the new hospital’s chief doctor Sergei Perekhodov as saying: “Each bed can be converted into an intensive care unit if necessary. It’s highly important to promptly help coronavirus patients who develop respiratory failure.”

According to data from John Hopkins University, Russia recorded around 57,900 cases, including nearly 29,440 in Moscow.

The capital city’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin committed to allocate about 20,000 hospital beds for Covid-19 patients, noted Moscow Times.

Earlier this week, a coronavirus hospital was opened in Lyublino district at Semashko Railway Clinical Hospital, which is part of the RZD-Medicine chain.

The Lyublino facility is said to be the third hospital to be opened for Covid-19 patients in Moscow. It houses 550 beds, including 40 intensive care beds.

Russian Railways Hospital medical staff are working to combat the pandemic. A total of approximately 3,000 healthcare workers from the Russian Railways clinic chain are expected to join the fight.

The first of hospital in Moscow opened on 11 April at the Shosseinaya Street hospital with 240 beds, including 16 intensive care beds.

On 13 April, the second hospital opened at the RZD-Medicine Central Clinical Hospital on Volokolamskoye Highway with 400 beds, including 22 critical care beds.