Mount Sinai Health System , which comprises eight hospitals in the US, has partnered with Google Nest for monitoring the most critically ill patients with Covid-19.

As part of the alliance, Mount Sinai will leverage Google Nest video and audio technologies to monitor patients. Currently, more than a hundred Nest Cameras are installed at hospitals across the system.

Nurses on the front line are making use of these cameras to monitor and communicate with patients.

The Mount Sinai Hospital clinical innovations vice-president Robbie Freeman said: “This technology improves our efficiency by cutting down the number of times our medical team has to enter patient rooms, allowing us to preserve protective personal equipment.

“Twofold, it enhances safety for patients because we can keep an eye on everyone from the nursing station, and for our staff, it minimises the frequency of time spent in-room with Covid-19 patients.”

The Nest Cameras console is designed to enable health care workers to livestream a feed from an inpatient unit, as well as initiate communication with patients.

Initially, Google Nest collaborated with Mount Sinai in April to pilot the console in a hospital setting when the virus reached peak levels in New York City, resulting in an influx of patients and impacting resources across all hospitals.

Mount Sinai Health System Digital Health senior director Sudipto Srivastava said: “We are grateful to partner with Google in curating a console that responds to the needs of so many hospitals right now.

“The Nest team worked with us over nights and weekends to develop a much-needed solution that addressed real challenges. This assists us with providing the highest level of care, while serving our patients and protecting our staff.”