MQ Health along with orthopaedic surgeons and Medibank is set to establish an orthopaedic surgical centre in Sydney.

To be located on a dedicated floor of Macquarie University Hospital, the new surgical centre will have four advanced orthopaedic operating theatres along with 29 beds to support short stay surgical model.

MQ Health Orthopaedics discipline head Munjed Al Muderis said that the new centre will be established to meet the increasing demand for the model of care and provide opportunities to collaborate with the university for training and research.

Slated to open late next year, the new centre will be accessible to all patients irrespective of their health fund or if they are self-funded.

Through a joint venture, Medibank and an orthopaedic surgeons’ group will each make an investment of $14.8m, totalling $29.6m, to support the establishment of the new orthopaedic surgical centre.

This investment will fund the fit out and equipment for the centre.

Meanwhile, MQ Health will provide the floor space and the centre will operate as an integrated part of the Macquarie University Hospital.

Macquarie University Hospital CEO and associate professor Walter Kmet said: “The short stay model combines pre-assessment and pre-habilitation to support a patient’s rapid recovery and help them return home sooner.

“Both the hospital and treating specialist decide if the model is appropriate for each patient, with decisions around their care, monitoring, and rehabilitation to be made by our clinical team.

“As the number of joint replacements continues to increase in line with the ageing population, increasing access to short stay is a great development for our treating specialists and their patients.”