AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in New Jersey has purchased new mobile solutions for its emergency medical service (EMS ) paramedic units.

The company has bought General Devices’ (GD) e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine solution and Sonim Technologies’ XP8 ultra-rugged smartphone.

These new devices will enable the medic units to communicate within the team, thereby facilitating acute care workflow process.

Their usage is expected to help in initiating treatment faster as well as in improving patient outcomes compared to earlier situations.

GD Technical and Support Services vice-president Jim Nejmeh said: “AtlantiCare looked at various devices and software solutions and ultimately selected GD e-Bridge and the Sonim XP8, which are the best of the best for their robustness, configurability, and ease of use.

“Nurses, physicians, and care teams from the ED all the way to neurology and interventional labs implement e-Bridge on their mobile devices to reduce time to assessment and treatment for stroke patients brought in by EMS or on their own.”

The usage of the devices by the EMS paramedic unit is expected to be beneficial while attending patients who suffered stroke.

With every minute crucial in such cases, the paramedics can use the GD e-Bridge app on the Sonim phone to transmit critical information to emergency department (ED) physicians at the hospital.

Accordingly, the physicians can call the code stroke alert sooner, inturn streamlining workflow process. It also allows video telemedicine consulting from the field with a neurologist directly.

Furthermore, the technology provides the EMS crew an opportunity to improve the service by procuring feedback after they deliver the patient at the hospital.

Initially, AtlantiCare will use the mobile solutions for stroke treatment, but plans to expand the usage to other time sensitive acute care cases.