The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has collaborated with the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) to offer paediatric services in the New York metropolitan area.

The alliance will see Mount Sinai’s services, adult and paediatrics, combined with CHOP’s paediatrics expertise and advanced therapies to offer better care to patients and their families.

MSHS is composed of seven hospital campuses, one of the fastest growing ambulatory networks in the region and a medical school, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Mount Sinai Health System president Kenneth Davis said: "Mount Sinai is pleased to collaborate with CHOP, a world-renowned institution, to ensure excellent patient care.

"Our goal is to offer the highest quality care to paediatric patients, especially those with complex needs, across a large health system and a fast growing ambulatory care network.

"Our goal is to offer the highest quality care to paediatric patients, especially those with complex needs."

"Together, we will be uniquely positioned to recruit and retain the best faculty in the region."

Under the initial phase of the collaboration, a collaborative paediatric oncology programme will start by the end of the year that provides access to the newest treatments and expertise from MSHS and CHOP experts in paediatric cancer.

CHOP president Madeline Bell said: "Over the recent past, CHOP has systematically sought strategic alliances with leading hospital systems, mainly in the southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey markets.

"The alliance with the Mount Sinai Health System emerged from a shared vision and commitment to making the very best care available to more children.

"Our decision to join with MSHS in the New York region reflects both the respect and admiration we have for Mount Sinai, and recognition of the needs of the region for world-class paediatric medical care."

According to the company, development of programmes in cardiac care and foetal medicine will follow the initial phase of this collaboration.

The paediatric services will be available at select Mount Sinai locations.