The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has deployed Masimo Patient SafetyNet, a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system, at two hospitals in Dubai.

The two medical centres that deployed Patient SafetyNet are Dubai Hospital and Latifa Hospital, which specialises in maternal and child care.

Masimo Patient SafetyNet enables information drawn from bedside monitors, such as Masimo Root with the Radical-7 or wearable Radius-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter, to be accessible from a central viewing station.

If changes occur in measured values, indicating deterioration in a patient’s condition, Patient SafetyNet would then send wireless alerts directly to clinicians, irrespective of where they are located.

Besides, Patient SafetyNet can automate the transfer of patient data, including admission data, vital signs, early warning scores (EWS), and other physiological parameters, directly to hospital's electronic medical record (EMR) systems, thereby boosting clinician workflows and minimising the chances of any transcription errors.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said: “Patient SafetyNet, in conjunction with Masimo SET pulse oximetry, enables continuous supplemental monitoring of active patients in post-surgical wards and can help save the lives of patients on opioids, among many other benefits.

“We applaud the Dubai Health Authority, dedicated to providing no less than the best health care in the world, for recognising the importance of implementing such a proven and powerful centralised monitoring and patient surveillance system.”

In 2013, Dubai Hospital installed its first Patient SafetyNet. Latifa Hospital is in the process of installing four systems, with an advanced system planned for Dubai Hospital.

Dubai Health Authority director general and chairman of the board Humaid Al Qatami said: “We are excited to deepen our partnership with Masimo.

“The Dubai Health Authority’s mission is to develop an integrated and sustainable healthcare system that ensures our comprehensive services achieve the highest international standards, and we believe that Masimo’s monitoring devices, now even more connected to hospital infrastructure through the power of Patient SafetyNet, will help us meet that goal.”