US-based El Camino Hospital’s board of directors has approved funding for 41 health initiatives in the next fiscal year as part of its community benefit grants programme.

Through the $3.28m investment, the hospital intends to fund an increased number of organisations under the programme.

El Camino Hospital community benefit director Barbara Avery said: “El Camino Hospital is committed to partnering with local non-profits to significantly impact the health needs of the communities we serve in Santa Clara County.

“The hospital board seeks to serve vulnerable community members by expanding direct healthcare services and innovative prevention programmes next year.”

The programme is aimed at creating healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy communities, in collaboration with area organisations.

As part of the funding, grants towards healthy body include overall health and wellness initiatives, school nurse programmes, dental screenings, school-based nutrition and physical activity programmes.

Additionally, it covers diabetes screenings, treatment and education, asthma management for children, and medical support for at-risk populations.

Under the healthy mind initiative, funding will be allocated to programmes including school-based mental health counselling, support and counselling for foster, abused and other at-risk youth.

Besides, it includes counselling for adults with developmental disabilities, initiatives to reduce depression and isolation in seniors, and treatment for those with severe mental health conditions.

Grants dedicated to healthy community will focus on awareness and testing for pre-diabetes and cancer support programmes.

In the past five years, the community benefit grants programme has allocated more than $10m in grants to community-based health improvement projects.

El Camino Hospital is a not-for-profit and locally governed organisation with campuses in Mountain View and Los Gatos, California, US.