Helios Berlin Buch, a German hospital, has deployed IntraOp Medical’s Mobetron system for intra-operative electron radiation therapy (IOERT).

Mobetron is a mobile, self-shielded electron linear accelerator that will deliver IOERT to patients undergoing cancer surgery.

The system will use electron radiation, IOERT, a versatile and precise way to deliver radiation therapy.

The device will deliver concentrated electron radiation directly to the exposed tumor bed to an exact depth during cancer surgery.

The system is designed to make intraoperative radiotherapy significantly less time-consuming, less costly and less risky, IntraOp said.

Mobetron can be used in several operating rooms or even shared between hospitals because it is relatively small and light-weight.

MD51 Germany (IntraOp’s European distributor) director Ernesto Lanzotti said: "IOERT is becoming the gold standard in the successful treatment of cancer."

"The clinical data showing the effectiveness of IOERT compared to conventional treatment is very convincing," Lanzotti added.

"With our existing German customers already operating in Germany at a level of excellence, we are sure IOERT will have a big increase already in the next few months."

IntraOp Medical president and CEO John Powers said: "We are very excited to add Helios Group to a growing list of world class cancer centres using the Mobetron."

The Helios Hospital in Berlin-Buch, with 1,100 hospital beds and 26 medical departments, is a tertiary care hospital.