K2M, a spinal device company, has developed two new solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies, the Aleutian Transforaminal-Lumbar II interbody system and Aleutian Anatomically-Narrow oblique interbody system.

The Transforaminal-Lumbar II interbody system features bulleted PEEK interbodies for posterior lumbar applications and an adjustable inserter, to allow a surgeon to usethe device with precision and ease.

The Aleutian Anatomically-Narrow oblique interbody system provides instrumentation that facilitates efficient intraoperative use of the system.

Bone and Joint Physicians orthopaedic surgeon George Miz said that the bulleted nose of the Transforaminal-Lumbar II implant clarifies the interbody insertion in patients requiring transforaminal interbody fusion.