Boston-based healthcare technology company MedAptus has introduced ASSIGN for Nurses, a new software programme that matches the right patients with the right nurse by applying a protocol system that can tackle the complexities of assigning patients.

The programme, which has been for more than a year in development, replaces the manual assignment process, which is slow.

MedAptus president and chief executive officer Eugene C. Schneider said: “This is a sea change when it comes to patient assignments.

“Not only can ASSIGN for Nurses handle the complexity of balancing multiple protocols, but it does so quickly and easily.”

ASSIGN for Nurses is easy to use. ASSIGN taps automatically into a patient census from the EHR along with data from the hospital’s nurse scheduling software. Later, it applies protocols such as patient acuity, geography, continuity of care and others simultaneously to match patients with nurses. When the assignment process is finished, the final list gets automatically generated and distributed, either through electronically or in print. The complete process takes only minutes.

According to studies, heavy nurse workloads could leave a huge impact on patient safety and satisfaction.