US-based Phoenix Children’s Hospital has navigated a recent HRSA audit of its 340B programme with support from Sentry Data Systems.

Seven years back, the hospital implemented Sentry’s Sentinel solution to manage and optimise compliance for its 340B programme.

Sentry Data Systems CEO Travis Leonardi said: “Phoenix Children’s is nationally recognised as a leader in pediatric care.

“We’re proud that our best-in-class suite of systems and services has enabled the hospital to meet the 340B compliance requirements while continuing to expand their 340B programme to benefit their community.”

Phoenix Children’s Hospital recently expanded its 340B programme to include contract pharmacies.

The hospital implemented the Sentrex system to manage compliance of its partner pharmacies and has already gone live with a contract pharmacy network in the Phoenix metropolitan area, since September last year.

In December, the hospital was randomly selected for a HRSA audit and the process required participation of managers and staff from numerous departments.

A pre-audit review was carried out by Sentry to identify areas where the hospital may be out of compliance.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Pharmacy Business Services manager Matthew Pharr said: “Sentry identified a few opportunities prior to the audit, which helped ensure there were no unpleasant surprises for our hospital management during the audit.”

Image: Phoenix Children’s Hospital implemented Sentry’s Sentinel solution seven years back. Photo: courtesy of Sentry Data Systems, Inc.