The Royal Hospital in Muscat, Oman, is expanding its National Oncology Centre and the National Cardiology Centre.

The hospital is expected to open the expanded oncology centre with 24 additional beds, which will double the number of existing beds. The oncology expansion will enhance the ICU, wards and paediatric tumour wards, offices of doctors, co-ordinators and other supportive services.

Upon completion, the National Cardiology Centre will include 141 beds, open heart surgery operation rooms, cardiac catheterisation labours and 16 beds for paediatric ICU and halls.

A source at the Royal Hospital told Omanobserver that the Ministry of Health spares no effort to develop the services rendered by the hospital to provide world-class services.

"The project will have more than 120 beds. It will be a new medical edifice and an addition to the existing achievements made by the ministry," the source added.

"It will also be a source of pride for each Omani as it will play an active role in patient care and the provision of developed therapeutic services. The work is on at the National Cardiology Centre to complete it within the scheduled time. The centre will provide special care to heart and open heart surgery patients," the source said.

The Royal Hospital is a tertiary, acute-care hospital, which provides services in the specialties and sub-specialties of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetric and gynecology, oncology and laboratory medicine.

The Royal Hospital has nine operation theatres, which are well equipped for the most complex of surgeries.