UK-based Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has deployed InterSystems’ HealthShare health informatics platform to support a new national child protection-information sharing (CP-IS) project.

Based in the east London borough of Hackney, the hospital provides such services as obstetrics, neonatology, foetal medicine, fertility, neuro-rehabilitation, bariatric surgery and asthma and allergy treatments for patients.

HealthShare is a health informatics platform, which comprises the Spine Mini Services Provider (SMSP) solution used to access the NHS personal demographics service.

HealthShare SMSP is said to provide a single and accredited gateway to access CP-IS information, and could be implemented quickly, allowing the trust to introduce the new service without disruption or additional training for clinical staff.

The CP-IS information can be automatically displayed when users enter a child’s basic demographic details into local systems.

"The CP-IS information can be automatically displayed when users enter a child’s basic demographic details into local systems."

Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust systems integration manager Steve Ouko said: "We firmly believe in the importance and value of the CP-IS project to facilitate the protection of young people and are committed to spearheading the national roll-out of the project.

"InterSystems HealthShare has ensured that our in-house IT team has been able to work closely with the HSCIC to build and implement a solution that gives clinicians the requisite functionality while also keeping us in control of its delivery."

Supported by NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), the CP-IS project allows health professionals in unscheduled care settings prompt and secure access to key, non-clinical social care information that can help them assess if a child is at risk.

Unscheduled care settings include local authority children’s services, hospital emergency departments, minor injury units, walk-in centres in CCGs/primary care, maternity units, GP out of hours, paediatric wards and ambulance services.

The CP-IS solution’s national rollout is planned for completion by 2018 and is said to connect 1,230 NHS settings and 152 local authorities for the protection of vulnerable children in England.