Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock, US, has selected Medical Asset Management to install its procedure-integrated inventory management system (PIIMS) in its four cardiac catheterisation labs, two electrophysiology labs, clinic and operating room.

The web-based PIIMS system will help the hospital manage its inventory.

The system has been designed to track the use of inventory, monitor expired and expiring products on a real-time basis, and track model and lot numbers for quick identification of recalled products.

PIIMS also features cost-tracking intelligence that will allow the hospital staff immediate access to the dollar value of its inventory.

As the hospital already uses Medical Asset Management’s iRCODER.COM system, PIIMS can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with that system.

"The web-based PIIMS system will help the hospital manage its inventory."

Medical Asset Management said that when both systems are used together, the intelligence built into both products will identify when a device has been used in a procedure but not charged. Conversely, it will not allow a device to be charged if not used in a procedure.

Medical Asset Management principal Gary Burns said that with the use of PIIMS, a hospital can avoid issues related to expired inventory, such as inefficient management of supply purchases, waste and financial losses associated with inventory that cannot be used.

"A hospital wants to avoid Joint Commission violations as well as legal issues associated with carrying expired products on its shelves," Burns added.