Arizona’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) Health Current has leveraged NextGen Health Data Hub (HDH) to provide the first-ever Covid-19 alert service in the US state.

With the HDH platform, known as HIE 3.0 in Arizona, Health Current will be able to improve crisis preparedness and minimise the risk of covid-19 infection in frontline workers.

The cloud-based HIE platform supports sharing and collection of patient health data at the point of care, irrespective of Electronic Health Record (EHR) or clinical data source.

The Arizona HIE adopted the NextGen HDH platform recently and currently has over 780 participants, signalling the millions of transactions per month.

Real-time alerts are provided to ensure that emergency and inpatient staff have access to the most updated Covid-19 lab results at first patient contact.

It will help medical staff manage current bed availability and help provide better care for Covid-19 patients.

Health Current chief information officer Keith Parker said: “We needed to expand our infrastructure quickly to accommodate the high volume of data being transmitted and NextGen Healthcare’s solution enabled us to scale as we grew.

“The interface ensures seamless interoperability of the new HIE 3.0 platform with health systems, which allows for the dissemination of patient information so medical staff can better manage their PPE supplies, current bed availability and care for Covid-19 patients.”

Arizona Department of Health Services opine that dissemination of existing patient information by Health Current led to critical data sharing during the Covid-19 outbreak.