New York-based Northwell Health has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to enhance patient care and clinician experiences through personalised healthcare.

The collaboration forms part of Northwell’s effort to tap cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive the efficiency of care and health system to better deliver equitable care in the communities it serves.

Northwell will leverage Google’s technology to facilitate digital scheduling, automate payer interactions and generate intelligent summarisations of medical information.

Additionally, Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities will provide predictive insights that will help the firm enhance capacity planning and scheduling.

The collaboration will also enable Northwell identify risk indicators that will help with early interventions.

Northwell Health president and CEO Michael Dowling said: “Digital transformation is critical to our long-term goals of further advancing clinical excellence in our health system.

“This partnership will help us deliver personalised experiences by safely and privately harnessing customers’ data to enhance care, well-being, and equity in care for our patients.”

Northwell Health will also utilise Google Cloud as its preferred cloud platform to modernise its infrastructure and to develop an interoperable data platform with AI and ML capabilities.

These includes contextual recommendations that will provide decision making support for nurses and clinicians.

Google Cloud Global Healthcare & Life Sciences Solutions managing director Joe Miles said: “People want the same kind of seamless experiences and access to their healthcare that they have in other areas of their life, and healthcare providers need to meet these demands while also running the organisation more efficiently.

“Northwell Health is taking the lead on innovation and interoperability to transform health and wellness for millions of New Yorkers.”