Behavioral health provider Oceans Healthcare has entered an agreement with the Massachusetts General Hospital to improve behavioral health services for patients.

Founded in 2004, Oceans Healthcare operates 18 hospitals and 29 locations that deliver inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment for individuals aged 18 years and above.

As part of the agreement, Oceans patients, clinicians and hospital leaders will have access to psychiatrists trained at Mass General and Harvard Medical School through Mass General’s TeleHealth phone and video conferencing service.

Oceans expects the deal to boost access to behavioral health treatment for patients in underserved rural communities.

Oceans Healthcare CEO Stuart Archer said: “Seeking mental health care, and ensuring those who are already in treatment continue, is critical during times of uncertainty.

“We’re fortunate to have passionate behavioral health leaders at our facilities but they, and our communities, need more support. We’re excited at the chance to further expand our efforts to bring life-saving mental health treatment to individuals most in need.”

Massachusetts General Hospital runs a programme that matches its faculty and fellows with individual health care facilities for offering clinical support, among other services.

The programme aims to address physician shortages and meet patient demand.

Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy executive director Dr David Rubin said: “This collaboration will help our dedicated physicians provide critical support and recovery to so many underserved individuals in need, well beyond the physical walls of our academic medical centre.”