Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health has refurbished three emergency department rooms to create a safer environment for paediatric behavioral health patients.

The deficiency of behavioural health suitable places in general hospitals can hamper recovery and prolong hospital stays.

The renovated rooms at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital feature LED lighting around the room, a theme projected onto the walls, serene sounds, a communicating touchscreen media wall.

Other features include ligature, and tamper-resilient fixtures for promoting a safe space for patients who can harm themselves or others and a garage-style door allowing medical apparatus to be concealed when unused.

The patient can select the theme and lighting and the games on the media wall.

These rooms are located adjacent to the nurse’s desk so that they can monitor the patients while providing improved privacy.

OU Health Physicians paediatric psychiatrist Robyn Cowperthwaite said: “There is a paediatric behavioural health crisis at the moment and parents can struggle with how to help their children and where to get help.

“The ambient rooms at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital are the first step in providing a safe place for children to de-escalate and start the healing process.”

The project is financed by the funding provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services and Health Resources and Services Administration.

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital president Jon Hayes said: “Oklahoma Children’s Hospital will be one of only two hospitals in the country with the Philips Ambient Behavioral Health experience.

“This is a very positive step forward in how we treat children in Oklahoma and our goal is to expand the initiative further and provide a greater level of care.”