Olive has launched the next phase of its new platform strategy with expanded connectivity and integration capabilities to expedite the internet of healthcare.

The company stated that the new investment in its platform will help in creating a better experience for patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

It will also help healthcare professionals to gain automated access to critical information which reveals major outcomes.

The expansion of the Olive’s platform will help in accelerating the internet of healthcare through increased investment in interoperability and intelligence.

Olive platform executive vice-president Tony Brancato said: “Providers and payers are struggling to stitch together outdated applications, many of which can’t communicate with one another. These silos prevent the enterprise- and industry-wide automation that leading health systems are trying to achieve.

“The Olive platform will provide innovative ways for our customers to integrate legacy systems as well as added intelligence to help identify patterns locked within them.”

The company’s advanced integrations capabilities will provide a framework which allow integration into many payer portals, EMR/EHR, CRM, ERP, or other legacy systems.

It can also create deep connectivity and integration with legacy systems by deploying robotic process automation, computer vision and other AI technologies.

Olive’s intelligence layer will allow its users to identify patterns in different systems as well as new insights by using AI to identify key data patterns and collecting data from different sources.

Olive chief product officer Rohan D’Souza said: “We’re making significant platform investments in system connectivity and intelligence to improve the value that every product built on Olive provides to providers, payers, and ultimately patients.”