The Ontario government has announced a $21m investment to expand William Osler Health System in Canada.

The funding is part of the government’s plan to build more resilient health care system.

It will be utilised for transforming Peel Memorial into a new inpatient hospital with a new emergency department and for expanding cancer care at Brampton Civic Hospital.

Peel Memorial and Brampton Civic are part of William Osler Health System.

About $18m will be used for Peel Memorial’s transformation into an inpatient hospital with a new emergency department.

The new investment is an addition to the $18m funding which was announced by the Ontario government last year.

The new inpatient hospital will help in reducing wait times and expanding services that include mental health and addictions, enhanced seniors care, rehabilitation and complex continuing care for patients as well as their families.

Additionally, William Osler Health System plans to offer post-acute care at Peel Memorial Hospital for patients recovering from an acute care as part of its transformation plans.

Of the total funding, about $3m will go towards expanding cancer care services at Brampton Civic Hospital.

This will add more than 250 new inpatient acute and post-acute care beds to William Osler Health System.

The expanded services and addition of new beds at Peel Memorial and Brampton Civic Hospital will help the health system to meet the Brampton and the surrounding communities’ growing needs.

Ontario Infrastructure Minister Kinga Surma said: “We are working hard to ensure all Ontarians have access to the high-quality health care and services they need most in their daily lives.

“We are committed to investing in critical health care infrastructure projects like the expansion of the William Osler Health System.

“This project will help support the growing demands on the health care system in Brampton, while also ensuring that people can get the quality care they need and deserve in their communities.”