US-based software company Oracle has unveiled plans to add generative artificial intelligence (AI) to healthcare by integrating an AI-driven clinical digital assistant into its electronic health record (EHR) solutions.

The new Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant leverages generative AI and voice commands to reduce manual work for healthcare providers, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Patients can use voice commands to schedule appointments or check clinical information.

The assistant automates notetaking during medical appointments and suggests context-aware actions, which include ordering medication or scheduling follow-up appointments.

In addition, it responds to conversational voice commands from healthcare providers, making it easier to access patient information such as images to documents in a relevant order, and helping physicians gain a better understanding of the appropriate treatment path.

These capabilities aim to enhance patient engagement, improve care quality, and reduce administrative burdens, the technology firm stated in a press release.

The solution is expected to be available within the next 12 months.

Oracle Health senior vice president of product management Suhas Uliyar said: “The EHR should be a provider’s best ally in delivering engaging, personalised care to the patients they serve.

“By bringing comprehensive generative AI and voice-first capabilities to our EHR platforms, we are not only helping providers reduce mundane work that leads to burnout, but we are also empowering them to create better interactions with patients that establish trust, build loyalty, and deliver better outcomes.”