Oregon Health Authority has approved an agreement for the acquisition of Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) by California-based Adventist Health.

MCMC is a non-profit, community healthcare system serving people in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

The 49-bed hospital offers round-the-clock emergency care, cancer care, cardiovascular services, surgery, childbirth, physical therapy, internal medicine, behavioural health, and more.

The provisions for the regulatory approval include Adventist Health’s investment of $100m over a decade to ensure MCMC’s operations and maintain its current services.

MCMC has been facing financial woes – it reported a $10m operating loss last year. Recently, it suspended oncology services at Celilo Cancer Center because of staff shortages. 

Adventist Health president and CEO Kerry L Heinrich said: “We are committed to building on the already-exceptional work of the MCMC team to increase the quality and availability of healthcare for communities in and around the Columbia River Gorge.

“Adventist Health has deep experience in rural healthcare, and MCMC is an excellent fit for our system.”

The collaboration is expected to boost MCMC’s ability to keep expanding health services, thereby offering close-to-home access to healthcare, and enhancing the recruitment of employees and providers.

The two entities intend to maintain and enhance the long-term and immediate financial viability of MCMC in terms of the healthcare campus, technology, programmes and people.

Adventist Health is a non-profit integrated health system catering to more than 80 communities on the US West Coast and in Hawaii.