Peab has been awarded a $30m (SEK300m) contract to rebuild sections of Högland Hospital in Eksjö, Sweden.

The construction firm will undertake the project for Jönköping County.

Peab will begin the work on part B of the Högland Hospital. This section entails renovation of the centrally located buildings 06 and 25, which include the emergency.

Renovation will be done in several stages to meet the requirements for a modern healthcare environment.

The aim of this project is to have a hospital that will function well for a long term and will feature flexible and generally designed rooms along with technical systems that allow easy adjustment to altering requirements.

Peab region manager Anders Bergeling said: “It’s an honour to be entrusted with this project and we look forward to collaborating with regional properties. Rebuilding a hospital complex is both interesting and demanding. In addition to providing the Högland Hospital with modern and fresh premises, we are focused on making sure that the hospital continues to function with the least possible disruption.”

Jönköping County regional board chair Mia Frisk said: “This is an important and badly needed project since substantial investments in Högland Hospital are necessary. Renovating and adding on to building 06 and 25 contributes to providing our residents with a hospital that will function well for a long time to come with rooms that can easily be adjusted to fit changing demands and future requirements. The new functional premises will also contribute to a better work environment for our staff.”

This turnkey contract will be undertaken in partnering format.

Construction will begin in December 2022.

The renovation of the buildings is expected to be completed by May 2025 and landscaping will be finished in August 2025.

This contract will be registered by the company in Q4 2022.