Penn Highlands Healthcare has announced plans to open the Stern Center for Behavioral Health in DuBois, US, soon.

The $22m facility is located at Penn Highlands DuBois East.

The new centre will offer both inpatient and outpatient services to cater to the needs of children and adolescents.

Addiction medicine and outpatient behavioural health services for adults will also be available.

A team of certified professionals at the facility will adopt a multidisciplinary approach to develop personalised treatment plans to treat unique behavioural issues.

The building will feature a total of 44 child and adolescent beds, private rooms, walk-in clinic, outpatient centre dedicated for counselling, and separate inpatient and outpatient entrances.

Furthermore, group therapy rooms and a courtyard promise a secure and supportive environment for patients to recover.

The centre will also offer several children-specific services including play therapy rooms, gym, a sensory stimulation room, a classroom as well as a cafeteria.

In addition, the centre will house a seclusion room to provide a calm space for children and adolescents.

Under the next phase of the project, valued at $39m, the centre will get 22 additional adult beds and an eight-bed high acuity unit.

The project will also involve renovation of 20 exiting beds for substance abuse treatment unit.

Once ready, the Stern Center for Behavioral Health will feature as many as 118 child, adolescent and adult beds.

Penn Highlands DuBois president John Sutika said: “The need for behavioural health services for children and adolescents has never been greater.

“At Penn Highlands Healthcare, we recognise the importance of providing the care that these children and teens require in order to better cope with the situations they face and to be mentally, emotionally and behaviourally prepared for daily living.”