Health technology company Philips has signed a ten-year agreement with German Klinikum Stuttgart hospital to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

As part of the long-term deal, Philips will replace and procure new medical technology including diagnostic imaging and intelligent informatics solutions at the hospital.

The deal also covers the joint development of new workflows and connected care solutions. It will also improve the experiences for both patients and staff at the hospital.

Klinikum Stuttgart commercial director Dr Alexander Hewer said: “This partnership is an important step for us to further improve the quality and efficiency of the care we deliver to our patients.

“As the largest provider in the region we continue to grow. Together with Philips we will work on technical innovations and process improvements to further enhance our attractiveness for patients and employees.”

In addition, Klinikum Stuttgart is investing in new buildings and modern equipment as part of its restructuring process.

It also includes the construction of new Katharinen hospital in Stuttgart, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Following the completion of the first phase of construction, the Katharinen hospital will feature various new disciplines such as radiology, interventional neuroradiology, intensive care and endovascular surgery in new buildings.

The hospital is also focused on the implementation of networked care, and enhancing the processes.

Klinikum Stuttgart medical director Jan Steffen Jürgensen said: “We have excellent clinicians and strong care delivery. With Philips, we now have a strong partner with a reputation for innovation leadership in medical technology and healthcare IT.

“With our combined expertise, we want to further improve our clinical processes and the safety of treatment for the more than 700,000 patients treated at the Klinikum Stuttgart every year.”