Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance (PMHA), a collaborative network of independent community hospitals, has deployed the revenue management platform of FinThrive, a management consulting company based in Georgia, US.

FinThrive’s integrated revenue management platform is being deployed at four of the 13 PMHA hospitals.

The platform helps the PMHA’s rural community hospitals in their digital transformation.

With the aim of embracing automated workflows for completing critical revenue management operations, including pre-service financial clearance, charging, and invoicing and payment, PMHA chose to move to the holistic revenue management platform.

This move will free up PMHA employees to provide quality treatment to patients.

The integrated revenue management platform will help hospitals implement numerous solutions without the need for extra labour resources, thereby saving costs and boosting resource efficiency for hospitals coping with staff shortages.

PMHA finance and revenue cycle vice-president Nicole Clawson said: “Being able to offer the comprehensive revenue management solution to our community hospitals will be pivotal to ensuring the health systems we support remain independent with the ability to serve the people of rural Pennsylvania.

“We look forward to continuing to work with our long-standing partner, FinThrive, to safeguard the financial future of our hospitals.”

FinThrive president and CEO Hemant Goel said: “At FinThrive we like to establish meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers, as partners in their pursuit of positive outcomes.

“We are proud to support the mission of PMHA and help them break the cycle of inefficiency in their revenue cycle. We applaud their progressive approach and look forward to providing a revenue management foundation that will simplify and empower their hospitals’ revenue efforts, allowing clinical staff to focus on providing quality care to the communities they serve.”