The Government of Poland is set to construct the first field hospital for Covid-19 patients at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

With the exponential hike in Covid-19 patients, the hospital is planned to be built in a week. In the initial stage, it is expected to have 500 beds.

The Polish Health Ministry said the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases rose by 8,536 to reach 175,766. The death toll reached 3,573.

The ministry will decide on whether to build more such hospitals in several provinces in the coming days.

According to government spokesperson Piotr Muller, the 58,500-capacity stadium will be converted into a temporary hospital and will have oxygen therapy.

Reuters reported Health Minister Adam Niedzielski as saying that Poland may see up to 20,000 new coronavirus cases a day at the start of next week if the pandemic continues spreading at its current pace.

On 17 October, the country saw 9,622 new cases within 24 hours taking it to the highest daily number since the epidemic breakout.

Trials of covid-19 vaccine candidates are being carried out in many parts of the world.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 156 candidate vaccines are in the preclinical stage.

Last week, hospitals in the Czech Republic have started converting general wards into Covid-19 units and started cancelling non-urgent procedures.

The Czech Republic also devised plans to build first field hospital. The army is planning to build an area for 500 hospital beds at the Letnany fairground in Prague.