The Queensland Government has announced the release of updated concept plans to build a new hospital in Bundaberg, Australia. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has invited local residents to give their feedback on the updated plans.  

The new hospital, valued at $841.7m (A$1.2bn), will feature more beds across medical, surgical, intensive care, coronary care, paediatric as well as mental health.

The facility will also comprise additional operating theatres, emergency department treatment spaces and outpatient consult areas.

Furthermore, the updated plans include expansion of imaging, pharmacy and pathology, along with education and training areas.

According to Palaszczuk, the hospital will deliver over 120 additional beds and also provide a wide range of health services to local residents.

The Premier said: “Construction of the new hospital will deliver an important boost to the local economy, while supporting an estimated 2,887 jobs which is what my government is all about.

“Hospital staff, patients and the broader community have already had input to the hospital business case and they can now have their say on the updated concept plans.”

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the increase in the height of the hospital is a key change incorporated in the updated plan.

D’Ath said: “With an ageing local population more people are presenting to our hospitals with more complex conditions, including those with walking difficulties.

“With that in mind, it’s proposed to increase the height from a three-storey to a six-storey hospital to improve accessibility and reduce walking distances for patients.

“The project team has also incorporated the latest infection control, technology and inpatient accommodation learnings which have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.”