Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness, a ketamine-focused clinic operations company based in Vancouver, Canada, has entered into a joint venture (JV) partnership with GCM Partners.

The partnership will give Revitalist access to an additional 50,000 patients via five locations in the US.

Out of the five locations, two are in Chicago, two in Orlando and one in Miami.

With this arrangement, Revitalist will be able to expand its Revitalist and Wake Network to provide contractual agreements for licensing and managed services across the country for behavioural clinics, hospital facilities and medical clinics.

The licence covers all required service infrastructure to providers and businesses backing ketamine therapy services.

The JV arrangement enhances Revitalist’s virtual telemedicine services and supports offerings to patients to address their mental health and pain concerns using ketamine therapies, medical-grade CBD offerings and functional mushrooms.

The service offerings include weaning protocols for individuals who want to stop taking benzodiazepines, narcotic drugs or antidepressants.

It offers offline services in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and two cities in Tennessee. It also provides virtual service offerings in 33 US states, thereby giving online access to over 200 million people.

GCM Partners CEO Dr George Gavrilos said: “Given the termination of the Covid-19 emergency order on April 10 2023 [H.J.Res.7], any operator in this space must have as part of its strategy telemedicine and bricks-and-mortar capabilities.”