Siemens Healthineers has entered into a long-term partnership with Swiss hospital Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) for €41m ($49.4m).

The technological partnership, which will last for eight years, is to provide sustainable high-quality care at Kantonsspital Baden.

It will include procurement and maintenance of medical imaging systems, technology management, and the expansion of telemedicine solutions among other things, technology needs and capacity assessment, process optimisation, as well as certified employee training programmes.

Under the ‘Value Partnership’, Siemens Healthineers will be responsible for relocating all technology to KSB’s new “Agnes” hospital building and commissioning it, which is planned to begin in late 2023.

Siemens Healthineers Switzerland CEO Marcel Baumgartner said: “High-tech medical equipment is the central nervous system for future-proof healthcare delivery. Continuous training for the staff ensures that the technology will be applied in the best possible ways.”

The company will also support the Swiss hospital in the expansion of its efforts in research, for instance in mammography.

As part of the deal, Siemens Healthineers will also supply latest medical technology to KSB and help it to enhance the patient care in its region.

KSB CEO Adrian Schmitter said: “We’ve worked with Siemens Healthineers before to optimise the layout of our new imaging centre and to establish process-oriented, patient-centric structures.

“We had such a good experience then that now we’re also relying on a strategic and technological partnership. It will enhance our ability to keep offering our patients best access to first-class care.”

Founded in early 2018, the Swiss hospital annually treats over 20,000 inpatients and about 200,000 outpatients.

It is also planning to expand its leading strategy to transform care delivery with technological innovations and efficient processes.