The St. Francis Hospital Alternate Care Facility (ACF), which was built at St Francis Hospital in Trenton, New Jersey, US for Covid-19 patients has completed construction.

Sand Point Services completed the build of the new facility within two weeks.

The project involved conversion of a section at the St Francis Hospital into a 37-bed, non-acute, Level 3, infectious patient care facility for people suffering from Covid-19.

Sand Point Services provided design and construction solutions to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District Office, which managed the project.

Sand Point Services vice-president Richard Demuth said: “We have an opportunity and responsibility to create a facility to help fight the war against Covid-19.

“With a very aggressive schedule and despite a few unforeseen challenges, I am proud of our team for completing this project on time and under budget.”

The build out project, intended to improve operational sustainability, included upgrades to the hospital’s 37 patient rooms, electrical and HVAC systems, plumbing and finishes to meet Covid-19 standards.

Currently, the hospital is catering to Covid-19 patients and hence precautions were taken to protect the patients, as well as the construction team.

Sand Point Services president Chris Woodruff said: “As the fight against Covid-19 and need for medical facilities continues, SPS will be ready and able to help.”

Constructed in 1874, St Francis Hospital features emergency room, inpatient rooms, outpatient surgical facilities, heart trauma centre and respiratory centre.

The medical facility supports more than 300 medical staff and physicians.