StarHub, in partnership with Singapore’s Alexandra Hospital (AH) and ConnectedLife with Fitbit, have launched LifeHub+, a digital health service.

Users can opt to share their Fitbit data via the LifeHub+ app to get dynamic health scores, data alerts, and metrics, to gain simple and clear insights into their health to make daily improvements. .

For the first time, customers can also give access to a pre-programmed care team consisting of their family doctor or general practitioner (GP), an AH health coach, caregivers, and even doctors from other institutions to their health data through LifeHub+ dashboard.

The digital health service also can be used to set reminders on medication, exercise, or scheduling medical check-ups.

About 300 patients from AH and GP clinics with preventable chronic diseases will be brought on board LifeHub+.

Their wellness and some metrics will be tracked by AH health coaches and their GPs.

This launch is aimed at building closer partnership between patients and their care team.

Given that health and wellness data in the LifeHub+ app includes Fitbit metrics, users can opt to share data, such as steps, exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate and its variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and more.

This data and user-recorded blood pressure and blood glucose levels from third party devices can be added into the LifeHub+ app to get a dynamic wellness score.

Fitbit data that users opt to share can be incorporated into the LifeHub+ platform through the public WebAPI.

On receipt of wellness insights, the family doctor or GP and AH’s health coach can select to utilise the data to holistically support primary care patients. 

AH CEO Dr Jason Phua said: “The digital health revolution has arrived. Wearable health trackers which are linked to health and care teams in the hospital and the community can help empower users to proactively manage their chronic conditions before deterioration.”