Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital (KMUH) in Taiwan has started treatment of patients using ViewRay MRIdian MR-Guided Radiation Therapy System.

The device, which provides a compelling level of personalisation, precision and accuracy, combines the latest innovations in precision radiation delivery with MR-guidance and delivers personalised cancer care.

The first two patients treated at the hospital with MRIdian system received care for prostate cancer and tumour lesions in the left lung.

For both treatments, MRIdian’s automated beam-gating technology was used.

ViewRay Sales and Marketing senior vice-president Paul Ziegler said: “We’re pleased to have KUMH join the growing list of hospitals to offer the benefits of MRIdian to their patients.

“As hospitals explore ways to deliver effective cancer treatments while also minimising patient visits during these challenging times, MRIdian’s ability to deliver radiation therapy in fewer treatment sessions becomes even more valuable.”

The MRIdian system uses on-table soft-tissue imaging to allow clinicians to visualise cancer tumours with diagnostic-quality anatomical detail.

Based on daily changes in tumour shape, size or position, the system combines real-time imaging with the ability to adapt the treatment as required.

Automated beam-gating delivered by the device stops the delivery of radiation when the tumour moves outside of the target area or when healthy tissue moves into the target range.

These features together help protect healthy tissue as well as critical organs and precisely target the tumour with a high dose of radiation.

At present, 38 MRIdian systems are installed at hospitals across the globe and are used to treat a range of solid tumours.